Come, let's raise the curtains!
A great, heart-pounding action adventure
where anything goes!

Mysterious Joker

Mysterious Joker

Since 2014


Mysterious Joker! He doesn't just steal!
Audacious! Elusive! The "Miracle Maker" who performs magnificent wonders! He travels the world with his partner, Hachi, in search of treasure! Come, let's raise the curtains!

The useful thief item "Image Gum" lets him transform into any human or animal that he has seen! He travels around the world in his airship and secret base, the "Sky Joker," along with his favorite car, the "Road Joker"!
His partner, the ninja Hachi, is a bit clumsy, but always manages to be there for Joker, and his cooking skill puts professionals to shame. Joker's biggest rival, Spade the thief, studied under the same master. Plus, there's the female thief who studied with them, Diamond Queen!

They travel around the world, escaping the traps set by police and detectives, using miraculous tricks to get out of any pinch, and stealing famous art and treasure one after another!
Car chases in Road Joker! Escapes from luxury cruises! Survival on a tropical island with mysterious ruins! Ninjutsu battles with ninja! Gourmet showdowns with chefs! Dance offs with popular pop idols! They even participate in time travel to steal treasure throughout time!

Full of heart-pounding, unexpected tricks and action! Anything goes in this action adventure!